Monday, 16 May 2011

So I brought Trundle the other day and of course I started to do the trundle jungle because why not =]. Here is my basic build for him


Starting items - Cloth armor 5x Health Pot

Wriggle's Lantern - standard jungle =]

Boots - Mercury Treads

Phage - wither build this into Trinity Force (dmg) or Frozen mallet (Surv)

Youmuu's Ghostblade - or if you going more survival just get The Brutalizer as cool downs are the way to go

Sunfire cape/force of nature - get either one first depending on team set-up

Warmorgs / Atmos impaler - want more surv get wormorgs want for dmg get Atmos

this is just a general item guide i don't go for all of them directly but all of the items work for the trundle jungle


Ad Quints

3x ad red

6x Arp red

9 x armor yellow

9x magic resist blue


depending on what you like more tank go defensive more dmg gos offensive that easy really =]

Over all thoughts

Jungle trundle is superb as he is turns out to be a great off tank and damage soaker in the later game he can also turn a tank into a squishy and turn squishy's into nothingness =]


  1. I hope u keep posting this kind of posts
    loved the pic of the gnome

  2. I think his slow is OP'd, but that's just me.
    Why don't you review some of the champions that are free this week, cause I've yet to play, and have no intentions of trying out Trundle.
    I'm too much of a hit-and-run punk with teemo.

  3. Like the first post! Hope you keep this up, too many blogs like this show some promise then disappear off the face of the earth. :(

  4. im skeptical about trundle. feel like nunu can basically do everything he does, but much simpler.. =\

  5. i might just start playing this game, like my friends do!

  6. hmmm, i might give LoL a shot, currently playing HoN... i'll see if you can convince me! :)